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social hypocrisy demands us to keep hidden --- freedom from the restraint and self-control suggested by

* * *
We'll go further. We maintain, taking up the outlook of sociability, that the practice of getting
Nude is a variable in better camaraderie, a less narrow camaraderie.
Concealing their body.
the sight of nudity, or the regular organization of nudists of both sexes, exalts lusty desire. This is
not always the case. Yet, contrary to most gymnist dissertations --- for which opportunism or panic of
persecution is the beginning of wisdom --- we don't deny it either. But we maintain that the sensual
exaltation engendered by fkk jobs is pure, natural, and instinctive. It cannot be compared with
the contrived excitement of the half-nude, the gallant in revealing clothing, and all the artifices of make-
up relied on in the dressed, half-dressed, or barely dressed milieu in which we currently operate.

and unless you popped out of
your mama's snatch wearing a
tuxedo, you were born naked, also.
But they wrapped up our naked
Baby bodies quite quick, and
Ultimately, they will probably bury us
in clothing.
As a kid of around three or four, I'd
Occasionally do a little dance after becoming
out of the shower before getting dressed.
I called my dance "The Naked Dance," and it consisted of a fundamental two-step with my arms swinging
back and forth in front of my wee nude frame. Amused by my naked jig's gleeful innocence, my
teenaged brother even wrote a tune called "Do the Nude," whose lyrics consisted completely of the
mantra "Do the bare, and a-do the naked" recurred while I danced. Even my parents were amused
by my Nude Dancing, because I was clearly too young to understand individuals shouldn't be nude at all,
Considerably less
about it.
in trenchcoats (what the hell happened to
When coworkers were not near, I Have even had occasion to trudge through
office nude as a porn peddlin' jaybird. Unless it's too chilly, I always sleep nude and spend much of the time in my apartment without
one thread of evil textiles to cover my pink skin. I often lift weights nude while looking at myself in the mirror. For blessed naked partners, I will
even occasionally perform my uproarious "organ dance," and a good time is had by all.
in a world where everyone wears clothes. Everyone who is "civilized," at least.
Clothing. You either wear it or you do not. Garments alter everything. Clothes are so anthropologically significant, it is ridiculous. Clothing is a social
dividing line almost as all encompassing as gender. More social importance is allowed clothing than just about any other material thing. So many

invisible walls fall to the earth along with one's clothing. view attach so much absurd importance to clothing to the point where we have convinced
ourselves that nudity, rather than clothing, is what is abnormal or deviant.
Nudity. So simple and yet so strong. The naked body, when revealed, is both more and less
than what we had imagined. So much hinges on its suppression. If the world were to abruptly turn
all-naked, disastrous social crises would result.
tial to our notion of being civilized. God may not have always told us that nudity is bad, but the King
does. He consistently does. He desires us to stop fuckin' around, get dressed, and start assembling the roads.
But has just been an extremely recent blip in human development. It has
existed for less than one percent of the whole timespan of the slapstick comedy called People on
an option. Until then, the entire world was a nudist colony.
Almost all cultures of antiquity, and many world cultures today, practiced people nudism. Most
pagan societies integrated nudity into their rites. The ancient Egyptians walked around naked,
as did as the Greeks, particularly inside their homoerotic-by-inference naked athletic spectacles. The
Greeks were even understood to WAGE WAR in the nude. The Roman public baths were all-bare, as
were many European public bathrooms through the Middle Ages. European families often slept in

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